Sales Prices II.

Posted on February 28, 2011


I wanted to clarify a few things that my rant in my last post did not articulate.

1. I am a bargain shopper; meaning that I will shop different places to get the best deal. If I am a 100% sure something is cheaper at the farmers market, or down the road somewhere I will save a few bucks. My problem with sales that I referred to in my last post had to do specifically with the store I am currently working in (not for long!). They sent out coupons twice a week and occasionally those coupons were 50% off. It was a great way to get traffic in the store but most customers used that coupon on one low priced item. (Not a great money maker for the store….)

2. I realize that stores markup prices  and still make a profit from their sales. Like I have mentioned before, money cannot be saved on an item unless you intended to buy it before you knew it was on sale.

3.  On paying full price for a product: I meant this in terms of integrity. Everyone knows by now that Wal-Mart has the cheapest prices and you can save money by buying the cheapest items that they offer. But should you? Instead I suggest that putting a value system in place to ensure you are getting a quality product that will last longer and benefit the manufacturer/maker is a better approach to consumerism.

4. (ok last one) I am not anti-consumerism. This is the society that we live in. We work jobs to make money so that we can buy things that we need and that make us comfortable. The phase I am currently going through in life is that I long to get rid of my stuff. I want to have a clutter free life, buy as little as possible (but still buy what we need), and move into a place where I can eventually make my small business goals a reality.

I am grateful for the few readers I have and I hope you will stick around! Thanks for letting me rant, write and speak my mind.