Posted on February 19, 2011


Hello friends, new acquaintances and readers! My name is Megan and I am on a mission. My story is this:

After working for two companies that both liquidated (one still liquidating) and left their employees out on the curb, I have decided that the only stability I have in life is the stability I can create for myself. No job, and no amount of money is going to give me the safety net, or freedom that I want out of life. My degree has not benefited me in the business world or the writing world. So here I am, ready to put my skills to good use, create some “stability” for myself (which I plan to redefine here a bit later), and have some fun discovering what it means to live a minimalist lifestyle. I also plan on sharing that journey with all of you, hopefully inspiring you and helping you along on your own minimalist journey.

Now that you know a little (yeah I know, very little), about me, I hope you will subscribe and get to know me a little more. I hope that through this website I will form relationships and gain (and share!) a new perspective.



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